504 shit

weed from new orleans
we stay high on that 504 sh-t.

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  • ooo yea

    thing the kool-aid guy says when he breaks through your wall. -kool-aid guy busts through your wall- “ooo yea!!!”

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    a term used to describe the little b-lls of sh-t that attach themselves to your -ss-fro (-ss hair). also known as stink nuggets, clingons, winnutts i was washing in the shower and could feel the b-m nutts running down my leg.

  • b*mski

    a lazy man that sits on his -ss cheeks all day and pretends to do work well telling people what to do and shooting down awes poss pa gosh ideas. i told kram i wanted to go skydiving over niagara falls well delivering a baby and smoking a cigar but per usual he was playing […]

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    a godly feast worthy of george michael to romp on wow, did george michael really just romp with that burbon burger in the bushes?! 8—-d o:

  • bustin my tape

    verb – being so amazed by something that your reaction is likened to a pre-operative trans-xual (male to female) having an erection so powerful that the tape securing her genitalia to her body is forcibly removed. girl, that dj’s set was so hot, i was bustin my tape!

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