oak town, union city, miliptas, fremont, herktown.. cities in california. another word for it is nickel ‘n’ dime
yo b-tch, i’m up in the 510.
area code for the inner east bay.
pr-nounced – “five-one-oh”

includes cites of oakland, union city, fremont, richmond, berkeley, hayward, and newark, as well as various smaller suburbs.
no, milpitas isn’t part of the 510. it’s 408, the south bay.
oak town…hayward…union city…herk town…yea baby!
1. a police code for a ‘dangerous driver.’ can be excessive speeding, wreckless driving, or driving under the influence.

2. the smaller version of ‘need for speed most wanted’ for the playstation portable.
1. 21 to radio, come in radio. we have a 5 1 0 heading northbound on i-10. suspect is driving an orange mustang. beginning pursuit, over.

2. i bought need for speed most wanted 5 1 0 for my psp yesterday.
the age used to refer to girls that are under the age of 18, no matter how old they look, to refer to the jail time one would get from having s-x with them.

dude 1: oh man! check out that hot chick over there.

dude 2: no way man, shes 5-10

dude 1: what? she has to be at least 16…

dude 2: no man, 5-10, trust me.
1. the police radio code for a dangerous driver. generally a dangerous/drunk driver, or a speeder.

2. the portable version of need for speed: most wanted. exclusively on the psp, you can also take out the tuners as the cop in ‘tuner take-down’ mode. fun, but over time you may get over it.
1. >>yo, dawg, i just beat need for speed 5-1-0!
>>n-gg- please!

2. attention all units. we have a 5-1-0 headed northbound on i-64. suspect is driving a black mercedes clk. engaging pursuit, over.
also, a skate store on telegraph ave.
oh man, i need to go pick up some new half cabs at 510.

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