being a h-rny f-cksl-t
man thats one 5137 sh-t you got there skelt0r

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  • amhuman

    verb to annoy someone by writing too many messages in short time. i was like… and then… and i told him… do you want to go arenas? bla bla dude, don’t amhuman me…

  • arboreal

    adapted for living in trees. examples inculde monkeys, squirrels, and certain species of parrot. compare to terrestrial. evolution has produced many forms of life that are arboreal by nature.

  • brmv

    n. a biased tw-t who uses urban dictionary definitions in debates as though they have any actual meaning to the definition of accepted terms that are already in real dictionaries. v. anyone displaying this behavior. dude, did you guys see that thread about pot? some guy totally brmv’d me over the definition of thc. what […]

  • brofessor oak

    the top authority when it comes to broing out or just being bro. dave- ” yo man lets go play frisbee. maybe later we can get some natty ices and play some cube.” chris – ” wow aren’t you the brofessor oak!”

  • brohab

    the period of rehabilitation that occurs after a serious bromance has ended. now that sean got back together with his girlfriend i need to check myself into brohab.

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