a beautiful lesbian who isn’t completely sure that she isn’t over d-ck.
that babe is such a 51/49. she’s turnable..
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  • burd*cking

    verb; to waste time, avoid work and family duties, especially if it involves online p-rn w-nking or use of fake illnesses. originating on whale ships on the island of nantucket, sometimes in reference to abuse of sheep. “fred called in sick today, i bet he’s burd-cking on his couch, that s.-.b.”

  • pants cough

    a m-ffled fart in the deathly silence of the hospital ward that night i heard a pants cough and knew that wicked warning promised a far greater stench would be upon us by morning light. 0 0

  • da ho chi

    someone who is a f-cking annoying dumb f-ck -sshole virgin licking fat b-lls licker who is so ugly and such a loser you can never think someone else is a loser after seeing his small fapping c-ck. bob: “omg did you see dat da ho chi raping piece of sh-t?”

  • to have it coming

    to deserve what is about to happen; to meet the consequences of (mean) deeds. to have it coming: “i never screwed up anyone, who didn’t have it coming…” – jack nicholson’s character in the departed (2006) 0 0

  • snow mullet

    (noun) a car with only front and side windows cleared off snow, leaving the roof & rear window looking like a snow mullet. i was already running late for work, so i just gave my car a snow mullet haircut. 3 0

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