52 Pick-Up

what people say when they throw a deck of cards on the floor/across the room with no intention of picking them up, leaving the job to you. this usually happens after someone loses a card game multiple times and can’t take it anymore. or when you’re just in the mood to make some people poed.
shane: “black jack!”
me: “what!? again!? that’s fourteen times in a row!”
mikey: “stop being a sore loser.”
shane: “yeah, really. it’s not like i cheat.”
me: “yeah well,” -gathers the deck of cards, “52 pick-up!” -throws the deck of cards across the room and onto the floor, walks out of the room-
a practical joke disguised as a card game. you would ask your friend if they want to play a card game. they’d probably reply saying “sure!”. now, you’d scream “52-pickup!!” and chuck the cards across the room.
me: hey trevon! wanna play a card game?
trevon: yea, n-gg-, let’s go.
me: how about 52-pickup?!?! -throws the deck of cards at his cornrows- what now, b-tch?
trevon: n-gg-, i’mma beat cho -ss.
a drinking game which involves a group of friends and a deck of cards. each person picks up a card from a face down pile. the person, with the lowest card has to take a half shot (recommended) or full shot of tequila. game ends and/or resets when all cards are picked up.

recommended number of players: 4+
(any less and the game will end too quickly)

drink responsibly
you guys want to play 52 pick-up?

lets play 52 pick up.

you heard of 52 pickup? its a drinking game.
when you shove as many cards into the girls v-g-n- as possible, then after you f-ck her, play 52 pick up inside her.
while garcia and ajax were f-cking, hotrod decides for them to play 52 pick-up. we only got 47 cards in, but it was still fun.

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