whats the date? its 5/27/17

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  • tortoise position

    a s-xual act that is similar to the doggy style, but you cover the receiver with a duvet. when the receiver comes up for air, the giver delivers a blow to the head with a pillow. i was doing tortoise position with kosta’s mum last night. i think i gave her concussion. she still hasnt […]

  • rozzled

    to get f-cked by or f-ck on something, based on the difficulty of something. 1. we got rozzled by midir on dark souls 3 2. that player i just beat got rozzled

  • nebraska noodlehole

    when you can’t get your d-ck up, but you f-ck her anyways. gave my girlfriend a nebraska noodlehole last night and she didn’t even know.

  • mognild

    extremely sporty good at sport mognild is extremely sporty and good at sport

  • jharri

    a b-tch and loves small d-ck men you a b-tch like jharri

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