a slang term for a custom car in nascar the game 2011. infamously, no one wants to race with one of these due to the m-ssive lag they cause. because no other players can see custom cars in a race, they are instead shown as a yellow #53, hence their name.
player 1: (dissapointed): sh-t, look at all these f-ckin’ 53s in here.

player 2: yeah, man, we’re screwed. this race is gonna lag like h-ll. i’m dashboarding it now and savin’ myself the trouble.
the number of the black crayon in a crayola box. in wich refers to the “black man” as a dehuminizing word for peop of african decent. commenly used by caucasians or law enforcement.

common term for an “african american.” has been a southern tradition for many years.

“hey you 53, get over here!” exclaimed the officer. “i’m in sagaponack b-tch.”

sagaponack b-tch: you could use this slang in any altercation with your significant other. it simply states “leave me the f-ck alone.”
apb on all 53’s with jeans’ shirt’ and shoes.
the average teenage height. if your taller that 5’3 stop growing and if your shorter than 5’3 keep growing.
dang! that 5’3 girl can get any guy she wants!
a number that haunts the town of aledo texas and has become a part of everyday life for aledoians. some say the number is extremely unlucky
the girls basketball team lost 53 to 60!!! omg!
this variation of the 69 happens when a girl goes down on a guy and he sticks his pinkies up her nostrils.
i surprised dat b-tch with the ol’ 53 last night.
gettin’ some all the time
i just got it last night and the night before
average length (inches) of a mid-european p-n-s (eg. german)
the irishman’s average 6.5″ p-n-s outstretched the german’s 5.3″ weapon

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