jew (see the telephone dial)
that 539er left no tip!

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  • 53ed

    a s-xual move. with both bodies perpendicular to each other, the top’s only point of contact is the groin/b-tt of the other person, and you raise your feet/head so your body’s at an obtuse angle. the top person then starts to rock to make a grinding effect. not as effective as 69. johnny: “pete wants […]

  • 53 seconds

    when someone posts something on the internet just prior to you posting the exact same thing on the same message board. it may result in having to edit your response so you don’t look like you are repeating the same information just late to the party. person a: my team’s best player was just suspended. […]

  • 53x

    s-x in 1337 or leet speak. 5 being s, 3 being e, and x being x. 1 4m t3h 53x.

  • gyp-slap

    form of self defense while defending ones property from the grimy -ss hands of gypsy paws. get your nappy -ss fingers off my boombox before i commence to gyp-slap you, beeotch.

  • laurice

    one of a kind, as unique as the name. a cl-ss all her own. well rounded person. highly intelligent. a modest, caring person usually tries to lay low, but can’t help to stand out. naturally beautiful, exotic like, high s-x appeal, so much that they try to hide it to not draw attention. larger than […]

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