5 minutes of pleasure

9 months of pregnancy

1 more family member
hey mami let me give you a 591

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  • misbehave

    to act up inappropriately in a setting that is expected for you to be calm. ben began to misbehave in cl-ss when he didn’t get his way.

  • ohsberg

    a set of triplets, 2 of them are ugly 1 of them is an absolute stud m-ffin im hanging out with the good looking ohsberg today!

  • foam and dome

    when you nut in a girl’s mouth and she continues to suck until well beyond the point of feeling good so you slap the back of her head so she foams out the mouth. dude, last night my girlfriend was really p-ssing me off, she wouldn’t stop so i gave her a foam and dome.

  • d*ckquwatt

    when the local weather in your area is so cold it makes everyones d-ck so cold it shrinks to the size of a raisen. wow today is definitely gonna make me d-ckquwatt. a d-ckquwatt is when it is so cold outside and a man stand naked outside and his d-ck gets so small it now […]

  • sleep bound

    physically unable to get out of bed because you’re too tired to function. not being able to get out of bed because you can’t stay awake. why weren’t you at school today? i was sleep bound at home. d-mn, i know how you feel.

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