a kewl person that is way better than those scene kids
zack is the kewlest 5c3n3

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  • cheapios

    generic, or store-brand cheerios dude, i got the munchies, you got anything to eat around here? how about a big bowl of cheapios?

  • 5 cap

    to obtain control of all 5 resource nodes in the arathi basin battleground in world of warcraft. domination. we 5 capped cr-p clan in under 10 minutes.

  • 5 car pile up

    a s-xual act in which when 5 gay men (or a mix between men and women but the women have to have a strap on’s) stant about 5 feet from eachother while one bends over on the bed and they all run into each other, making sure that their d-ck/strap on goes up the -ss […]

  • 5cc bladder

    a human bladder that holds five cubic centimeters of urine. used to ridicule someone that’s always going to the bathroom. 2:30 am: detrol: i gotta go pee! 2:30 am: manamax: there’s a bathroom on the right. (detrol goes to the bathroom) 2:38 am: detrol: i really gotta go now! 2:38 am: manamax: (singing) 5cc bladder! […]

  • cheesiversary

    a cheesy “anniversary” that couples celebrate that has no real meaning, sentimental value, or purpose girl: “zomg! it’s me and my boyfriend bif’s 2 1/2 week cheesiversary today, and we are going to dinner to celebrate!” me: “why are you celebrating dating for 2 1/2 weeks? what are you celebrating? not killing each other for […]

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