5h-t is just an internet slang for sh-t…
user1: i hate this song it makes me puke

user2: just shut up you piece of 5h-t !!!

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  • pit bull chewing a wasp

    one, usually of the female variety, who ain’t good-lookin. “here davro, what’s the matter with yer missus. she looks like a pit bull chewing a wasp!” “nah, she just fell out of the ugly tree!”

  • disterned

    1.) looking disturbingly stern. 2.) if your like my partner, you’ll occ-ssionally forget words so new ones just spurt out. i liked this one lol. “you’re looking particular disterned”

  • lil webbie

    famous for hit “give me that p-ssy.” next to mike jones he is the only person with a popular video that is of uncut quality. i would never give p-ssy to lil webbie

  • enemate

    a partner with whom you share erotic enemas, often as a part of -n-l s-x and exploration. an enemate is usually a well-educated and enlightened person who enjoys -n-l pleasures and fun. partic-p-nts usually take cleansing enemas prior to engaging in erotic enemas, so the activity is not dirty or messy. enemas can be given […]

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    (proper noun) coined by celebrity blogger perez hilton referring to celebrity failure lindsay lohan. can also refer to her even more epic failure of a sister (ali), mom (dina), and dad (michael) “lolhan was manic as ever, going from crying to smiling and flirty in a matter of seconds until samam showed up”

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