hazel arce
hazel arce is 5m4rt =p

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    the swedish name for sweden. pr-nounced: “sveh-rr-yehh” åk du, jag stannar hemma i sverige istället, planet lär förmodligen krascha ändå, din tönt! meaning: you go, i’ll stay home in sweden instead. the plane will probably crash anyway, you dork! the activity and/or sound one makes when trying to take a sh-t whilst maintaining a full […]

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    a person who takes pride in their obesity by demeaning the fitness of a lean person. leanism fatorexia jim is a lardist, he gave up on dieting so instead teases others for being fit or encourages others to gain weight.

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    5 hour energy, any 4loko flavor of juice (grape, fruit punch, etc.) and vodka. due to the recent ban on 4lokos, 5 loko has been gaining popularity in the 425 area.

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