anything you want it to be
that was very 5ocho.
5ocho you buddy!

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  • do da time, do da crime

    spitefully doing something in which you have already been falsely accused. it means if someone accuses you of something and you didn’t do it; then you might as well go ahead and do whatever it is that they think you did because they are convinced that you are guilty. “nakita, i know you have been […]

  • ecurb

    an abstract conceptualization of a curb, for use on the internet. “bring me some bacon donuts, or i’ll kick you to the ecurb!”

  • ediquit

    similar to the word etiquette. such as if your taking etiquette lessons and they are to hard then you say your going to ediquit and loose all sence of manners i hate table manners im going to ediquit it ( starts eating food with hands)

  • eenf

    the sound one makes when something is awesome enough to bring one joy to the point of intense s-xual arousal. originates from the “so i herd u liek mudkips” meme, where in the original story a child is presented with a mudkip pokemon plush toy begins to hump it wildly while making an “eeeeeeennnfff!” noise. […]

  • eeshk

    my word. same as omg! person one: oooh look who it is! person 2: eeshk! hide me! a sound one would let you when surprised or shocked. it almost sounds like a car braking suddenly, suggesting it could mean – ‘hey stop, hang on there’ man 1: ten people died in a bus accident today. […]

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