egotistical closet perverts who are infatuated with their own p-n-s and spend the majority of their time telling his friends that they suck at games.
look on the bright side: i may not have a girlfriend, but at least i’m not 5onic.

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  • 5 or 10

    when a girl says she is going to be gone for either 5 or 10 minutes, and you can’t decide whether you have time to crank one off or not. girl: hey babe, ima run next door. i’ll be back in 5 or 10 man: d-mnit, which is it gonna be?

  • adityan

    a large-bodied beast that has bear qualities. usually has long hair. originally found in india, believed to have malay descent. look over there in the woods, i think i see an adityan. that adityan is about to attack!

  • a drive by

    its kinda like a crop dust but when you do it the other person or persons can feel the fart against there body. jason and gary are looking at ipods while johnny walks by and farts. jason and gary fall down from the “a drive by”

  • bold moves mustang club of tulsa

    the greatest mustang club in oklahoma if not the world. home of the jerbear! started in 2006- bold moves mustang club is dedicated to giving our members a setting in which they can enjoy the p-ssion that we all share for our beloved mustang. bmmc is committed to our members and we strive to provide […]

  • facebukkake

    1. noun a form of pleasure taken when you -j-c-l-t- beliefs/ideas/baby pics on facebook’s newsfeed 2. verb to share a rant on facebook’s newsfeed for friends to view your stupid thing that they don’t give a sh-t about. why does tanya facebukkake pictures of her newborn every f-ck-ng day?

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