5th base

b-tt s-x, -ss banging, corn-holio
“b-tt sl-ts like going to 5th base”
the last base, to have -n-l s-x with a woman or man. -n-l s-x has been cl-ssified as the most deep s-xual connection since being the most late and controversial kind of s-x.

the first base is the french kiss, the second base is touching the nether regions, the third base is oral s-x, the fourth base is v-g-n-l s-x and the fifth base is -n-l s-x. through some people will consider bdsm as the sixth base.
tongue, touch, throat, throw, t-rd.
french, feel, f-ll-t–, f-ck, feces.
beso, body, blow, bang, b-tt.
slow, s-xy, suck, s-x, sh-t.

5th base
my b-tt hurts from sliding into fifth base last night!!
when you m-st-rb-t- into your significant other’s waiting hand, a huge turn-on for most

when your significant other lets you -j-c-l-t- into his or her hand, it is often cited as one of the greatest acts of affection your spouse can show you
dude #1: dude, i pleased my girlfriend last night, and then she started jerking me off and it was really hot, but she didn’t think i was enjoying it, so she stopped.

i told that i loved it and needed to release, otherwise i would get blue-balled; but she wasn’t really in the mood after that. so she gave me a choice: go m-st-rb-t- in the bathroom by myself or she would limply kiss me and cup her hand under my erect p-n-s to catch my love juice.

i gave her some plastic wrap and she caught my j-zz in her loving hand, preventing from it from going into my pants or on the carpet; it was a good night!

dude #2: holy sh-t dude, you’re such a pimp, you totally just got to 5th base! we need to celebrate, lemme buy you some pop; you are a man now.
when you shave your partner’s -sshole. this is the ultimate expression of love.
nina and alex totally went to 5th base last night.
the end of s-x as you know it: marriage.
i haven’t had p-ssy since i hit 5th base 14 years ago.
rubbing noses with someone you love very deeply. this is considered the ultimate sign of affection.
dude i totally went to 5th base with alex last night.

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