6.23 inches

the perfect size
“met a guy last night, i hope he’s 6.23 inches.”

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  • coitial folds

    the small folds around the outer edge of the v-g-n-l lips. hey gurl, snap us your coitial folds.

  • bent not broken

    the person is talking to someone but is still single if they are bent. broken means they are in a relationship “i’m bent not broken because i’m not in a relationship yet, we are just seeing each other right now.”

  • mccade

    a dumb idiot who doesn’t do sports and plays nintendo games like mario and zelda this nerd is such a mccade

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    a creep on snapchat who’s tryna’ get in between your sheets! alec that boy, is suck a f-cking p-ssy clicker!!

  • sunette

    someone who is fiesty, knows their way around cupcakes and can arm-wrestle a buffalo with eyes closed. “that b-tch came at me like a sunette.” “sue me, sue me, she can sue me”

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