a form of -n-lingis that occurs between two partners, in which both partners lick each other’s -n-s.

essentially, it’s like 69ing, but with b-ttonholes– a double rim job.
my girlfriend was giving me a rim job and wanted one too, so to make it fair, we started to 689.
when you f-ck a cup of water and then drink it.
it’s what gangstars used to do before tv was invented.
oh yeh man i totally f-cked this chick right, and then she did a 6.89, it was f-ckin sick as.
oral orgy b-tch!
imma 689 with trina and j-lo
an upgraded version of the s-x move 69. it just has an extra person in the middle.

6 8 9
lol those three people definately did a 689 last night
an orgy where two people having 69 (the 8) are receiving -n-l s-x at the same time.
robert and bob were having 69 when rob and bobby decided to join them and make it a 689

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