6 Nations Ellis

this foul creature comes out once a year at the beginning of february. once he has finished thawing from his winter hibernation he recalls as many facts about the wales national rugby team as he can and regurgitates them into the world.

he cares not if you are interested, listening or even conscious he will pierce your delicate mind with as much rugby bullsh-t as he possibly can for he is only out in the real world for 6 short weeks before he hibernates once again to reminisce about wales and their former glory.

what ever you do, do not initiate any conversation with this monster for the next 6 weeks as it will all end the same , “wales has won three six nations grand slam in eight years”
“oh sh-t, 6 nations ellis is back…”

“f-ck off 6 nations ellis i don’t want to talk about the wales squad from 1971”

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