6 Ps

prior planning prevents p-ss poor performance


prior preparations prevents p-ss poor performance


proper planning/preparations prevents pretty poor performance

proper planning/preparations prevents p-ss poor performance

p-ss poor planning/preparations prevents proper performance

micheal: i’m going to break my brother lincoln out of prison. he’s innocent you know.

loc: well… if you’re really gonna do it, remember the 6 ps.

michael: 6 ps? what’s that?

loc: “prior planning prevents p-ss poor performance”

micheal: ohh. gotcha. but how am i gonna to remember everything once i’m inside?

loc: hmm… that’s a good one (moment of thought). hey, why don’t you tattoo the plans on your body? you can hide it under the art.

micheal: holy f-ck. that’s a great idea. you’re a f-cking genius!

loc: yeah, i know.

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