the error message displayed by the computer in the 1971 movie “the andromeda strain”. it indicated an information overload when attempting to -n-lyze the organism.
large, flashing, red “601” displayed on crt
the area code in the southern section of mississippi
david banner is representing the 601 like mad, yo!
the error number in the anime neon genesis evangelion, when dr. ritsuko akagi tries to -n-lyze the s2 engine inside the 4th angel, samshel.
(601 appears on screen)
misato: huh? what does that mean?
ritsuko: that’s our system’s code number for “cannot be -n-lyzed.”
unexpected downside of a psychedelic episode. after “dragnet 1969” pilot, where ‘blue boy’ uses perfectly legal lsd, but is charged with violating ca health and welfare statute 601: “being in danger of leading an idle, dissolute, or immoral life.”
things went 601 after we realized that the martian rock stars were really firefighters and that we were running out of air.

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