[siks-oh-siks] /ˈsɪksˌoʊˈsɪks/
also, six-o-six.

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  • 606's

    [siks-oh-siks] /ˈsɪksˌoʊˈsɪks/ noun arsphenamine. also, six-o-six.

  • 60d

    [siks-tee-pen-ee] /ˈsɪks tiˌpɛn i/ adjective noting a nail 6 inches (15 cm) long. abbreviation: 60d.

  • 610

    communications the standard type of two-wire wall socket and plug used for telephones in australia. [other countries? full name?] (1997-06-26)

  • 6309

    hitachi 6309

  • 64 question

    [siks-tee-fawr-dol-er, -fohr-] /ˈsɪks tiˌfɔrˈdɒl ər, -ˌfoʊr-/ noun the critical or basic question or problem: whether the measure will get through congress this session or not is the sixty-four-dollar question. also, $64 question.

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