65 is the cheapest

meaning a gross girl.
chick wants me to f-ck but 65 is the cheapest

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    someone (male or female) who engages in douchebag activity for payment. in this case ‘douchebag activity’ involves wearing a small alligator on items of designer clothing and ‘payment’ involves paying extortionately over the odds. “kimmie just spent $400 on three items from the lacoste store and now she’s flaunting them on the street corner” “what […]

  • burgettstown

    a small town in pa. usually know for wanna be rappers, 13 year old thots, drug deals & school robberies. man, that girl is definitely a burgettstown thot.

  • sexual vegetarian

    an individual who refuses to engage in oral s-x. my new girlfriend gives great head. she’s clearly not a s-xual vegetarian.

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    when someone approaches you from behind and you fart on them. she came up to hug me from behind and i dropped a dusty hitchhiker on her.

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