66th base

xbox 360
call of duty: waw or call of duty: mw2
(this cannot b performed with cod 4 because it’s full of no-scopers, and no-scopers have yet to reach 1st base)

you start off playing waw or mw2 on your xbox 360 as normal, half way through a match you get a b-n-r, you then proceed to shooting one of you’re opponents with:

waw: type 100 sub machine gun.
mw2: scar-h

after your opponent has died, you run up, tea bag them, whilst shoving the xbox controller up your -n-s and have the trigger stuck down so it’s constantly vibrating, and you obviously jack off to this.

if you are in zombie mode on waw you can simply smack your p-n-s every time you hear the sound of a panel of a window being repaired… do this until red or you have c-mmed.


if you are female the only way you can reach 66th base is by fingering yourself watching your boyfriend/husband/any other guy… do this.
guy 1: i reached 66th base last night

guy 2: so that was the reason you tea bagged me after killing me

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