67 (Louisiana Style)

s-x position-67 (louisiana style)

sixty seven is a s-xual foreplay game and tease position, that puts the top partner male or female in control of the action.

1. the bottom partner man/female lays down on the bed with hands by his/her side.

2. the top partner mounts the bottom partner in a position that looks like sixty nine.

3. the top partner starts the action by giving the bottom partner head, as the top partner gets more into it she/he will start rubbing their genitals all over the bottom partner’s face, including his/her chin, mouth, bridge of the nose and forehead.

4. the partner on the bottom, most not move or open his/her mouth to try give the other partner head.

5. when the person on top stops giving head(takes a brief break), the person on the bottom is free to use his hands, mouth or tongue anyway he/she wants until the top person resumes his/her action, by giving the bottom partner head again. when the bottom person feels the head resume, he/she most stop what they are doing.

6. the top person controls how long the tease part of the foreplay goes on. if the tops person gets tired, she/he can give in by placing a towel and pillow over the bottom person’s genitals. when this happens, the bottom person is free to give his/her partner head until the top person -rg-sms or can’t take it no more.

7. you can make more interesting by betting something for the winner, bet whatever you like.

8. have fun
we played 67 (louisiana style) last night and she won again.

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