gang from braxton
674 run your house now cuz

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  • pro-dover

    a person who accepts the social standards of dover, m-ssachusetts. most pro-dovers are in either law, med or business school. they are also typically but not always trust fund babies. sam’s pro-dover is showing, he just got accepted to med school. joe is what we call pro-dover, he is on his way to harvard.

  • eddie girl

    a girl who is rich and not a tramp albjona is such an eddie girl

  • dingilng

    and little small deformed p-n-s:). danggggg that boy got a dingilng.

  • unwashed gremlin

    unwashed gremlin. -any person who owns commie weaponry, you should never trust this type of person as they would kill you for a rusty can of beans. ie, owns an ak style of gun or worships slavsh-t like it. person#1 hey have you seen david lately? person#2 no he went with that unwashed gremlin to […]

  • budd drought

    when there is a lacking of marijuana production or sells in the area there is going to be a budd drought for a while

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