not quite 69 because the guy doesn’t do his part
jaclyn loves 68 because the guy she’s with doesn’t have to do anything but relax and enjoy the view
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you do me and i’ll owe you one.
he pulled the old 68 trick on her again.
a s-xual(often oral) favor performed by someone without receiving the favor in return.

man: “hey baby, how about we 69?”

woman: “how about we 68?”


woman: “that’s where you do me and i owe ya one.”
oral s-x on a snowman
when a smaller person under the height of 6 foot 8 is annoying the h-ll out of you, you threaten them that you have a “friend” who is 6″8 and would “take care” of them in a heartbeat. the smaller person is usually instantly taken back and intiminated by that statement, they tend to leave you alone forever and posses a new found fear of you.
beth ( has the “friend” ) – awww what a delighting day out! its such a wonderful day to be alive up in here.

kyle (under 6’8)- your so wierd. your so strange.buy me some gum!!!!

beth- you want me to call my “friend” jay!??? he’s a 6’8!!!!!!!

kyle- woah woah hey now thats not necessary! ( shudders and instantly runs away )

beth- yeah thats what i thought!!! now dont come back now you hear!!!!! you dont want to mess with this!!!!
one person receives, and the other one does not receive in a s-xual term.

all the other definitions had it wrong so i decided i’d put mine in there.
guy:”hey lets 68!”
their s-xual preference:”what the f-ck is that?”
guy: “thats where you blow me,and i owe you one.”
often used as a corny pick-up line meaning the speed limit of s-x.
guy: hey s-xy. do you know the speed imit of s-x?
hot chick: no. what is it?
guy: 68. because at 69 you have to turn around!
hot chick: -slap!-
the act in which a male proposes a false agreement with a female, in which the female will perform oral s-x on the male and the male promises to return the favour, owing her one in the future, thus the name “68”. the male then, subsequently, does not return the favour, thus a scam on the female.
he totally pulled a 68 on her the other night. he hasn’t spoken to her since. word on the street is that she is crushed.

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