68th base

while eating fruit salad, you must accidentally spill it all over your pants. you then go on to gain a b-n-r. you watch p-rn but suddenly get sucked into computer and set back to the year 1969. proceed to have s-x with every single baseball player on the new york mets of this year. once this done, sacrifice one player of your choice and summon posiden g-d of the sea. have s-x with posiden and then ask him to send you back to the present time. take the original spill fruit salad, spill it again but still accidentatly onto your pants and resume the entire process once again. once these steps are completed 68 times, you have reached 68th base.
man 1: “dude i reached 68th base last night!”

man 2: “really? but wasn’t posiden p-ssed?

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