when the girl is sucking ur d-ck and ur eating her out another person comes and eats out ur -sshole
dude i was 69’n then my friend came and ate out my -ss to make a 69z

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  • classy problem

    a type of problem that, for its low likelihood of occurrence, should not be taken into serious account. popularized by doug heffernan on the king of queens. roommate 1: if we both get lucky tonight, who gets to use the apartment. roommate 2: that’s a cl-ssy problem, my friend.

  • irritated avians

    spoof nickname for “angry birds”, often used by those who think the game is overly hyped and/or ridiculous. all she does is sit at her desk and play irritated avians all day. it’s pathetic.

  • Riding The Rails

    to get a bl-w j-b from someone with braces. riding the rails is hospital material.period.

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