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  • border babies

    undoc-mented parents have their babies born in the united states so the baby can have united states citizenship and benefits automatically . any pregnant mother, from any country, can have a u.s citizen baby here. la times has done research into this. undoc-mented parents have their border babies in the united states so the baby […]

  • sabbagh

    a group of the most r-t-rded -ss, bad-looking and uncivilized people on earth. – have you seen that sabbagh. – yeah, we are so lucky that we are not sabbaghs

  • hotubbing

    when you fill a hot tub with j-zz and use the jets to keep it warm and moving so it doesn’t congeal. 1: yo wanna go hotubbing? 2: yeah as long as i don’t get pregananant 1: no problem! the jets kill the s-m-n.

  • ouroborass

    the act of an individual completing a full circle by bending their head back, arching their shoulders behind themselves and inserting both fists into their -ss to complete a self supporting circle of love. oh look, that flamboyant g-y man is making a wonderful ourobor-ss!

  • walteria

    a fine -ss bad girl always gets her way freaky asf “why you touching my d-ck walteria”

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