a ugly midget autisticly screeching in a science cl-ss
see that b-tch over there? she’s a real 6plus

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  • soon shit

    when sh-t gets to real with black church folks. pastor things about to get soon sh-t tyrone just threw a watermelon at keneshia.

  • chafu

    dirty in swahili. it means fake, jive, or bootleg. person 1: your mom is a chafu -ss b-tch! she wouldn’t give me a snack! person 2: get out!

  • saturn pattern

    when someone licks around ones -sshole, and then inserts their tongue into said -sshole, in order to mimic the rings around saturn. i can’t believe easy e was saturn patterned last friday night.

  • bretero

    a cuban slam term for someone who likes to gossip. delante de él no se puede decir mucho porque el es un bretero.

  • paul mafiamba

    a paul mafiamba usually derives from an old fashioned african tribe yet black but yet has extremely small genitals but is also a nice person but is scared of girls. omg doggy day care! there’s a paul mafiamba that’s amazing

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