7-10 split

getting kicked in the b-lls!
bob: man what happened to you?

jim: i tried to get that girls number and she gave me a 7-10 split
1, a shot in bowling where the only pins left are the 7 and 10, which are on each side of the lane.
2, an extremily wide punani, so called because of the imposible-to-hit shot in bowling
3, when the sp-ce at the top of a woman’s legs is very far apart, usually indicating definition 2.
1, oh, dang. how am i supposed to get a spare now? it’s a 7-10 split!
2, charmaine’s been f-cked so many times that she’s got a 7-10 split!
3, tiffani’s too much of a sket. look at her legs! for christ sakes shes got a 7-10 split!
a s-xual act derived from the bowling term that describes the event that a player misses only the back corner pins on his first roll of a frame.

while fingering a girl after doggy style (using two fingers), insert your thumb into her -n-s which is similar to the way you would grab a bowling ball with finger holes. then proceed to “roll her” into the headboard/wall.

the name comes from the fact that it is almost impossible to get a spare after a 7-10 split, and it will likely be impossible for you to have any future relations with this girl if you pull it off.
guy1: i wanna break up her with but i hate the d-mn break up talk.

guy 2: dude, just give her the 7-10 split, she’ll never call you again.
ramming a bowling trophy into a womans v-g-n-.

also: ramming it in -n-ly is known as picking up the spare on a 7-10 split
i took first place in my bowling league. i’m gonna take my trophy home and give the old lady a 7-10 split to celebrate.
when you’re going at a girl from behind, you spread her legs and you put your b-lls in her p-ssy and then f-ck her in the -ss. if you punch her in the back of the head right as you c-m, it’s called picking up the spare.
guy 1: “dude, kay was actin’ a fool last night so i gave her the old 7 10 split.”
guy 2: “did you pick up the spare on that sh-t?”
guy 1: “you know it, bro!”
the act of f-ll-t– performed by a person with no front teeth.
living in a meth lab for a week, i got more 7-10 splits then i had ever had before.
7 in the front, 10 in the back.
the harlem globe trotters decided to give my mom the 7-10 split last night.

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