donald trumps way of thinking of 9/11.
donald trump- “the attacks of 7-11 were horrific people dying and jumping out of buildings”
24/7 convience store that should be name 24/7 instead.
i went to 7/11 today. i bought a pizza. unfortunatly, i found a toe in my pizza. hey, it still taste good.
7-11 is the historical name ascribed to the most prevalent naturally occuring inconvenience store. known since antiquity, 7-11 has become the world’s foremost purveyor of toxically unhealthy processed food products. also notable are the frictionless tile floors and the uniformly east indian service staff.

7-11 has been a recognized natural phenomenon since the dawn of recorded history.

it is believed that the 7-11 was a natural evolution of the 7-10, a prehistoric herd animal. 7-10 were common when the entire landm-ss of earth was concentrated into one supercontinent, pangaea. herds of 7-10 freely roamed the continent, having only one natural predator – the chuck norris. the m-ssive evolutionary strain induced by such a formidable foe necessitated a new evolutionary strategy.

the first 7-11 was created by a confluence of the superintelligent east indians and a herd of 7-10. this new symbiotic strategy proved successful – so successful, in fact, that individual members could survive without the protection of the herd. 7-11 spread to every corner of the supercontinent before the famed breakup of pangaea (actually caused by one of chuck norris’ temper tantrums) and so were located around the planet when humans showed up some hundreds of millions of years later.

the influence of the 7-11 on humanity has been tremendous. former hunter/gatherer societies, upon finding a cl-ster of 7-11, would settle there rather than continuing their nomadic lifestyle. with the relief of the burden of constantly searching for food, humans were free to develop other primitive activities, such as religion and the killing of innocent people. it is at this point in history that we see the first evidence of norris worship, including human sacrifice and execution by roundhouse kicking. the first cities developed around herds of 7-11, and wars were common between those who had access to 7-11 and those who did not have such privilege.
7-11 continues to be a major world influence.
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1. has the best f-cking slurpees in the world
2. place to go when stoned off your -ss
“d-mn i got the f-cking munchies, lets go to 7-11!
best convenience store, evar!!!
7-11 slurpees r0x0r my b0x0r
another way to call somebody a sl-t
boy: hey girl did you know everybody calls you 7-11?
girl: why do they call me that?
boy: cuse your legs never close
girl: thats mean im telling on you
#sl-t #loose #s-x #7-11 #food
the greatest sugar store…evar!!!
hey, david! lets go down to the 7 11 down the street and get slurpies and stock up on skittles!!!
the sickest store in the world. place for me and my homies to chill anytime.
snack it up at the sev homie.
purchase all the “itos” at 7-11:

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