7 day challenge

to abstain from -j-c-l-t–n for a full week. a true test of manhood, especially among a group of friends. it is unclear if the 7dc is more difficult while being single (masturbation) or in a relationship (intercourse).
jesse: “what’s up dog? did you know if you don’t -j-c-l-t- for 7 days your testosterone levels go up 40 something percent? i tried to do the 7 day challenge but i failed. you should try.”

kyle: ” challenge accepted ”
-n-l s-x by girlfriend for a consecutive 7 days with no v-g-n-l intercourse
me: yo bud, your girlfriend is hot. has she completed the 7 day challenge?

friend: the 7 day challenge? what’s that?

me: -n-l every day for 7 days with no v-g-n-l penetration.

friend: nah bro, she’s as plain as vanilla ice cream.

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