7 deadly sins

7 sins that every one commits, so we’re all going to h-ll
1. pride
2. envy
3. gluttony
4. l-st
5. anger
6. greed
7. sloth
everyday ways of committing the 7 deadly sins:

girl 1: wow, i’m got an a !!
(devil snickering at the corner one more person added to his collection)

random kid: man, girl 1 got an a, i wish i can too
devil: y-sss

mom 1: hey girl 1 wanna go out to celebrate
girl 1: ice cream?
mom 1: why not.
…at jp licks
girl 1: one large ice cream with extra caramel and some marshmallows

devil: i might as well kill her now
boy 1: d-mn girl 1 doesn’t only have a fine brain, but a fine -ss body
boy 2: (drooling over girl 1’s -ss)
devil counts all the people to add to his collection
girl 2: that b-tch tatiana arrggg my boyfriend has his eyes all over her
devil: mwahaha
girl 1: i love my job they pay so well
girl 2: give me cash
girl 1:two more for me
next day:
mom 2: derrik wake up
boy 1: mom 2 come on, give me 5 minutes
mom 1: it’s 11:30 am
boy 1: early for me
mom: arrgghh
devil: mwahaha

90% of us do those every day…so who really cares…
it’s self exclamatory
pride, envy, gluttony, l-st, anger, greed and sloth.

pride is the deadliest of all sins and from which all the others originate!

if you don’t respect these sins you will kill yourself and others around you spiritually, mentally and emotionally. so they must be respected!

they run in contrast to the 7 heavenly virtues.
one of the 7 deadly sins, l-st, not respected creates s-xual exploitation of women and children which damages and destroys their lives.

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