a convenience store similar to that of circle k. the name is derived from the store’s original hours, 7 am – 11 pm.
“let’s go to the 7-eleven and get a slurpie!”
1. part of the reason why so many americans have diabetes and heart attacks.
2. hires depressed,inept minimum wage workers.
3. the only place where you can buy about a gallon of c-ke in a single cup. (g-d, there is something seriously wrong with you if you can drink the whole thing yourself and if you did, you shortened your life by at least 5 years!)
d-mn, i just drank a quadruple super jumbo ultra gulp yeterday at the 7-eleven and i didn’t sleep for the whole night. i woke up every 15 minutes to take a p-ss and all of that sugar from the c-ke gave me the shakes and the sweats! i think the c-ke burned my stomach away…i don’t feel so good.
small local convenience stores open 24/7 that tend to employ the bottom feeders of the labor pool, pay them below living wages, and have a suspiciously high turn over of employees. these stores sell every unhealthy impulse purchasable item that is legal: beer, tobacco, lottery tickets, tabloids, and high sugar content foods and beverages.
hey, did you hear that there was another stick-up at the7-eleven?
a convenience store that is robbed at least twice a day, even if it isn’t located in the projects or other high crime area.
if you go to 7-eleven very often, odds are some crackhead or n-gg- will walk in with a gun and rob the place while you are there.

i got shot at 7-eleven two different times in the same month!
a store named for its original hours: 7 am – 11 pm, but is now open 24/7. it has mainly eveything you can find in you local supermarket so i dont understand why people are complaining! its just cheaper sheeh!
girl: omg 7-eleven is the reason american ppl are fat! and have diabetes!

me: noooo, people eating cakes and chips for 12 hours straight and sleeping for the other 12. thats why…all the stuff in this store is in giant and safeway!
a small store that sells gas, candy and soda. usually open 24 hours a day.
hey let’s go to 7-eleven and get slurpies
easiest store around to do a beer run, without ever getting caught.
if your fast enough,its all good. 7-eleven is my friend 🙂

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