7 o’clock shadow

the stubble you get in your -ss crack when you miss a shave
my 7 o’clock shadow is starting to itch!

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  • liquid weed

    (noun) clear liquor, i.e. vodka, some rum, to be mixed and consumed as a flavorful beverage. anything alcoholic except beer. “man, im finna get high on some liquid weed tonight, then holla at some shawtys.”

  • FYLA

    texting shorthand for “f-ck you lance, answer.” used as a follow-up text when you have not received a response to your original text. taken from the quentin tarantino cl-ssic, pulp fiction. original text: are we getting drunk tonight? (time goes by without a reply) follow-up text: fyla!

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    abbreviation for “f-ck your life up the -ss” used by people who want to take fyl one step further (these people are known as d-cks awesome guy: “fyl” some d-ck: “erm, well fyluta!” awesome guy: “you disgust me”

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