the area code for the real northern virginia. basically, just another way of saying you’re from there. it covers arlington, fairfax, alexandria, fairfax, falls church, man-ssas, and parts of fauquier, eastern loudoun, and prince william. landwise, 703 covers the smallest area land-wise in virginia but it’s so crowded that they had to add a new area code for unfortunate cellphone users (571). way back when this was the area code for all of virginia but slowly they had to add more area codes. northern virginia has a reputation for being very wealthy but as you get further out from dc you’ll notice that we have are share of rednecks just like the rest of va (they are just different kinds of rednecks). we also have lots of wiggers and gangstaz! 703 is the sh-t- where da boyz is fine and da women is fresh.
yooooo i’m from da 703
the area code for northern virginia
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703 is an area code that covers the northern virginian areas of arlington, alexandria city, fairfax county, prince william county, man-ssas city, parts of loudoun, stafford, and faquier. it was the original area code for the whole state of virginia, but it was then split from the southern area of the state in 1973 to create area code 804. area code 703 was split again in 1995 to create 540, and it’s current footprint in northern virginia. due to the increase of residents in the northern virginia area, it had to be overlaid in 2000 to prevent further splitting of the area code to just the cities of arlington and alexandria. it is preferred to have a 703 number than a 571 number for people in northern virginia, and some people go great lengths to avoid the 571 stigma as many people see it as a cell phone area code, or as an outcast area code.

many people show their pride for the northern virginia area by getting custom merchandise with the 703 area code such as hats, shirts, and other accessories.
whenever i go to northern virginia, i use my 703 numbered phone to contact my friends in arlington and alexandria. it is a very popular area code and isn’t known to have numbers readily available. usually phone companies give a 703 number the exact 60 days after someone deactivates their 703 line before putting into circulation again. that is only true thanks to demand.
703 is where all the fake gangstas live all these b-tches from centreville and reston and like chantily all these middle cl-ss kids who think they are hard but arent…but some ppl are cool and keep it real..
“tha 703 is wack”
“word all those n-gg-s are fake”
“word up son”

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