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  • 707

    almighty north bay, napa, santa rosa, fairfield, vacaville, vallejo. 24krt bay area gold, ‘n 707 is tha area code north bay he was from the 707, the north bay. the area code for del norte, humboldt, mendocino, and sonoma county coastal areas in northern california; a region known for redwoods, cold and foggy beaches, hippies […]

  • kootoes

    “cool points”… awarded for doing something cool. h.l.n. says that if i make her -rg-sm 5 times in a row, i get a sh-tload of kootoes!

  • drunk rooster

    1. after a loong night of drinking, when your friend wakes you up with violent barfing reminiscent of a rooster crowing. you: “you made it to work today?” your bro: “yeah man, dave pulled a drunk rooster this morning…”

  • Dryeria

    its what happens when you open the dryer door while it is still tumbling and bunch of cloths spill out on to your feet. as andy rushed around getting ready for work he opened the dryer door only to feel the warm dryeria hit his feet

  • Dry Salmon

    a young v-g-n- that looks deceivingly pink, ripe, and plump, but in actuality feels like 80 year old sand-sn-tch. enjoy at your own risk. “hey man, did you hook up with jenny last night?” “naw bro, she let that fish go…dry salmon!”

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