the most basic of b-tches, the largest punk -ss b-tch there is. the biggest b-tch around.
chase was sucking it up so much playing player unknowns battleground. he would not stop whining he is such a 73itch.

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  • the red velvet

    when you and your virgin partner have intercourse, where the resulting v-g-n-l blood is used to coat her, therefore causing her to appear like a red velvet cake. i would try doing the red velvettm, but i fear to catch std’s or aids.

  • visible fart

    when the fart so hot you can see it come out of the -n-s. aww man did you see that visible fart come out of meghan?

  • makenzie williams

    makenzie is a extremely s-ssy person. she can make anyone in the world smile. the crazy part about her is that she has the best laugh and her laugh can be funnier than the joke half of the time. makenzie is s-ssy, courageous, and gives the best advice. makenzie williams is amazing

  • peddling

    to sell illegal drugs you think you can be peddling around here.

  • mahekan

    a person that thinks he is cool but is also not cool because he calls people fat and thinks that everyone else is worthless and means nothing i have never met anyone more hatefull of other people. #iwillnotstandthisanymore #standupwomen mahekan,you are a jerk you are so spiteful of other people

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