(;;;)(‘ . ‘)(;;;)

a text bear.
(;;;)(‘ . ‘)(;;;) grrrrr!!

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  • lawss

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  • Lazzari

    (la-za-ree) orphan; parentless person, shuffling between foster home, (also relating to a person with very little to no friends) “are your parents home?” “i don’t have parents, i’m a lazzari.” to “no show”; to be busy with “important” things to go out with friends. i will have to “lazzari” this time.

  • felprost

    felony prost-tution; the crime of prost-tution treated legally as a felony rather than a misdemeanor because the person accused thereof is hiv-positive. gay rights groups object to the “felprost” laws on the books in many states because they believe such laws inordinately target male “hustlers” as opposed to female, heteros-xual prost-tutes.

  • LC Kool

    a person who is unbelievably cool, especially in areas such as hair and appearance. person a: woh that guy is so cool, he’s lc kool. person b: i think that’s a bit over the top.

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    witchin’ (is also said: “witching”) can be used as an adjective, interjection or verb, etc. 1) to describe a good time. 2) something or someone virtuous, righteous, excellent or awesome. witchin’ is used to describe something positive. the expression is believed to have originated in montreal, canada. it is mostly used by punks (especially the […]

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