in the place of “your mom” or “your face.” where you have no idea how to end an awkward or embarr-ssing conversation.
guy: hey, did you just try to rob that bank?

other guy: yeah, so what?

guy: it’s been closed down for ten years.

other guy: uhh… well…. ummm….. 76!!! (runs away)


kevin: (walks in on high school football player wearing dress)

football player: la la la la la la la!

kevin: wtf!!! holy cr-p!!!! what are you doing?!?!?!??!

football player: it’s not what it looks like! uhh… ummm… 76! (jumps out window)
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its a number
“76, 65, 93… what comes next?” bill asked
“68”sarah replyed
“oh thanks i own you one” bill said
the set iq score for a mentally r-t-rded person is 75 & under. 76 is another term for something that is so stupid, that its reatrded.
person 1: “dude, our school isn’t having anymore dances.”
person 2: “why?”
person 1: “someone got caught with drugs at the dance.”
person 2: “that’s so 76.”

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