the beamer of all beamer it comes with a v-12 in it. itz a f-kin airplane if u ask me. this shyt has all kinds of instruments and controls in it. makes fat -ss rick ross 745 look like a f-kin kia rio. this car fitz 23’s on it with no lift kit. itz beautiful d-mn im glad my rich -ss has one, and you poor, broke, nun hustlin, -ss f-ggots can’t even afford the paint i have on it. hahaha get money u broke n-gg-z if u makin under 100000 a year your f-kin broker then a b-tch!!!
-i seen two hoes on the corner i rolled up in that 760li they all wanted my d-ck in their mouths!!!
-i park my 760li right next to my rr phantom.

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