a street organization made up of a collection of guys from 6mile in detroit and 7mile in detroit.
the 76ers be holding down detroit
get a mug for your barber georges.
3 time nba champs; were the syracuse nationals til the late 60s; home of captain contreversy- iverson
the 76ers got mauled in the playoffs
get a mug for your grandma rihanna.
one of the best nba teams, right afta dallas
d-mn philly are soo good but brady gets f-cked up the -ss soo much that he doesnt notice
get a mug for your friend julia.
one of the best teams in the past that tanked for a couple of years and acquired the term of trust the process, they recently came back and started kicking some -ss in 2017
did you see the 76ers game?
yeah they are doing great this season!
get a mug for your daughter nathalie.

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