’77 Punk

’77 punks generally from the chicago suburbs, that beleive they are gang bangers. usually complete elitests, they are sn-bbish, and have a “tougher/better than thou” att-tude. this is easy to cure with a beating. although acting tough most of the time, they prefer huge numbers in altercations. i.e. random ’77 starts talking sh-t to random guy, random guy pushes random ’77. radom ’77 will become scared, and hide until ten of his friends arrive, at which point the eleven ’77’s jump random guy.

’77’s = f-ggot p-ssys.
“hey bob, see those f-ggot ’77 punk with the gay hair?”
“yeah, what dya want to do with ’em?”
“well bob, thats simple! we’ll beat his sissy -ss, and steal his sixty dollar stretchpants!”

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