a sh-tty town filled with nasty -ss hoes and guys who f-ck the hoes too much. boring as h-ll. every b-tch in this town is a sl-t at age 12. if you aren’t in the “scene” crowd, everyone will hate you
the area code for martin and st. lucie county on the east coast of south florida. located just north of palm beach county (561) and just south of brevard county (321).
fort pierce, gifford, hobe sound, jensen beach, palm city, port salerno, port st. lucie, sebastian, stuart, and vero beach

the area code for martin county in south florida. it is located directly above palm beach county. like mostly all of florida it has a high drug and crime rate.
gangsta 1: “ay dawg where u stay at?
gangsta 2: “in da 772 ma n-gg-!”

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