this is american slang, it means h-ll.
what the 773h is going on here?

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  • Swollo Dolo

    get jacked by ya lonseome; throwin’ r-t-rded heavy weight up, no spotta. thug 1: “kin we go to the jym latta, n-gg-h?” thug 2: “no n-gg-h, break yo self. iz ridin’ swollo dolo.”

  • Hauss Bitches

    many attractive females. also, what players get on a daily basis. steve: hey jake what are you doin tonight? jake: yo man i be gettin hauss b-tches tonight!

  • Llone

    acronym for live life on the edge. pr-nounced “yohnnnee” “are you going to eat both those double cheeseburgers?” “yea, sometimes you just gotta llone.” “percy sh-lley went out sailing into a terrible sea storm in order to return with a good story” “what a lloner” “lloooooooonnnnnnneeeee”

  • 774

    number used to describe all things awesome.period. often followed by a “meow.” also a song written by nashville recording artists avery eliason and sadie loveland something amazing just happened to bob. bob loudly proclaims, “774!”…………meow

  • log pusher

    just another of many names for a poofter or gay man. lets get out of here these pr-cks are all log pushers! i’m not going to that gym any more it’s full of log pushers.

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