someone who likes to get thrown on a pile of sand and get f-cked by qataris
laith 7antu2

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  • h*ll cutter

    refers to the grim reaper.used by people who f-cking suck at english . friend a : i wish you get cut by the h-ll cutter friend b: dude what the f-ck is a h-ll cutter learn to speak f-cking english you c-nt.

  • wifry

    an unexpected outage of a wifi network, usually at a critical time. “i can’t believe i was wifried during my instagram upload,” said alon. julia was upset because of a wifry while uploading an important job application.

  • throat burn

    word of the day throat burn is when you hiccup and laugh at the same time or when you haven’t been drinking a lot of water for a good amount of days. son: “hey mom in the making of the movie, “the mall cop”, do you think the actual mall cop had a throat burn […]

  • zafiro

    a girl who has the flatest -ss in the universe zafiro’s -ss is flatter than a dented wall her -ss is so flat, she can’t even fill out any of her pants her -ss sags in all of her pants why is her -ss so flat? was it run over by a train? or did […]

  • textjob

    the act of placing ones cellular device onto their genitalia, followed by a person sending repeated text messages, until the recipient of the textjob reaches s-xual climax. has been known to cause damage to cell phones when performed carelessly. jim: man, dave was really p-ssed after i banged his wife. he wouldn’t stop texting me, […]

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