seven deadly sins – the tag for a krunk online pc gaming clan. generally known for their krazy skillz in racing games.

the clan that everyone wants to be in, very few are, and no one can beat consistently.

they will ultimatly wind up in the top 10 world wide in the games they play, and set many world records along the way. games are midnight club 2, nfs (need for speed) hot pursuit 2, nfs underground, nfs underground 2, nfs most wanted, toca race driver 2 and 3, gt racing, unreal tournement, and more.
members names are derived from the names of the seven deadly sins:
l-st – impurity
avarice – greed
wrath – anger
the 7ds clan is going to race the nfbs clan next weekend. to bad we all know the outcome of that match. why even bother. you can just enter all the 7ds names in the top spots and the nfbs below them. i mean get real.

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