you’re being fooled hahahaha
“ready for 7pm?”

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  • caught lacking

    being caught by the enemy without a weapon to defend yourself hey how did johnny? die i heard he was caught lacking when you fall asleep in a public area “kevin was caught lacking in cl-ss today man”

  • radabaugh

    if you have this name you’re either extremely r-t-rded or a f-ck up. you most likely have long brown hair and a g-y face. you usually think you’re awesome but you’re not. loves to eat big d-ck. radabaugh is coming to the orgy.

  • beat the priest

    another way to phrase masturbation “mom don’t come in i’m about to beat the priest!”

  • weird out

    to make someone feel someone uncomfortable, unseasy by saying something example of weird out: sorry if i weirded you out when i first met you.

  • beg bud

    a person that always begs you to spark them up or for your bud. the most annoying person a stoner can befriend. stay away from beg buds. yo i stopped smoking with that b-tch, she’s a f-cking beg bud. i know bro, that’s why i never invite her to the cyph.

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