when you are sh-gging a girl and then stop to pour your lemonade into the v-g-n- and stuck her f-nny to get a nice flavor of p-ssy.
“emily’s f-nny tasted peng yesterday cause of that 7upf-ck.”

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  • butt bicycle

    when a girl is on top of a guy riding up and down his p-n-s donna was really riding me like a b-tt bicycle last nite

  • cobyn

    usually very tall with lots of acne. most likely popular and athletic and likes to eat scooby snacks, sometimes s-ssy. being defined as very interesting, oh that cobyn

  • shiami

    a person who loves baking cakes. “that cake boss guy is so shiami” “d-mn that shiami has some awesome cakes!!”

  • monkey dicking

    when a female has a strong hold of a “p-n-s” and won’t let go till she has a firm grasp of the next “p-n-s” in line. michael lea, “jeez ian and mick have been victim to some monkey d-cking in the past”.

  • drumpf and disorderly

    (noun) a nickname for the charges one receives when behaving in similar fashion to the 45th president. man, howard got a drumpf and disorderly for groping lisa last week.

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